General Information

Stratford Railroad Parking (SRRP) is operated by the Town of Stratford under a lease agreement with the facility’s owner, the Connecticut Department of Transportation. SRRP’s primary is to provide parking for area rail commuters. Preference is not given to Stratford residents. CT sales tax is included with daily parking fees, penalties, and permit parking.


These regulations govern parking by the following categories of facility users:

1. B permit spaces – reserved exclusively for those who have purchased a B permit on a first-come/first-served basis.
    • 203 spaces on the southbound/restaurant/coffee shop side of the tracks marked with a “B”.
    • 99 spaces on the northbound/museum side are marked with a “B” on the northbound/museum side of the track.

2. “K” permit spaces - 42 spaces on the New York side are marked with a “K” – exclusively reserved 24/7/365 for those who have purchased a “K” permits.

3. 116 Daily Parking Spaces. Numbered 15 – 130. Currently $5.32 a day.
    • Southbound/restaurant/coffee shop side.
        o 32 spaces.
        o Numbered 95 – 126.
    • Northbound/museum side.
        o 84 spaces.
        o Numbered 15 – 94, 127 – 130.

4. 13 Handicap Parking Spaces. Numbered 1 – 13. Currently $5.32 a day.
    • Southbound/restaurant/coffee shop side.
        o 7 spaces
        o Numbered 1 – 7
    • Northbound/museum side.
        o 6 spaces
        o Numbered 8 – 13.

5. 22 Restaurant/Coffee Shop Parking Spaces. 2 hour limit.
    • 5 spaces on coffee shop end of building.
    • 1 handicap parking space on restaurant end of building.
    • 16 spaces on restaurant end of building.
    • Violators will be ticketed and/or towed.

6. 4 Museum Parking only Spaces. May 1st – October 31st. South end of museum near platform.

7. 3 SRRP or Police spaces. Near entrance to brick hut on museum side of tracks.


1. Head-in parking is required whenever a vehicle has only a rear license plate. A $25 ticket will be issued if the plate is blocked on any vehicle from the view of the Parking Authority.
2. All who utilize SRRP must park properly in designated stalls only – not occupying more than one space nor on/over the lines. If there is any doubt, don’t park a vehicle in that spot. Failure to park properly in a stall will result in a $25.00 fine and/or revocation of current permit status if applicable.


1. Overnight parking is permitted during the free periods in all “B” spaces and the numbered/daily parking spaces on both sides of the tracks at your own risk.

2. Vehicles parked overnight in any numbered daily parking space are subject to the current $5 daily fee after 6am each weekday morning, excluding municipal holidays.

3. All vehicles not registered on a permit parked in any space reserved for “B” or “K” permit holders are subject to a $25 parking violation after 6am each weekday morning, excluding municipal holidays.

4. Overnight parkers are encouraged to park close to the station and/or near a light, if possible.

5. Only vehicles registered on “K” permits are allowed to park overnight in “K” spaces. Violators will be ticketed and towed.


1. The Town of Stratford carries limited insurance on all parking areas. No insurance is carried to cover the property of the permit holder, restaurant patron, and or user of daily parking, who by purchasing the permit, parking in a restaurant parking space, or parking in a daily or handicap parking space, assumes all risk of damage or loss of property. You park at your own risk.

2. SRRP’s security presence is provided primarily by Stratford Parking Enforcement and secondarily by the Stratford Police Department, may be herein after referred to as SPE and/or SPD respectively, from 6 AM to 7 PM Monday through Friday. SPD randomly patrols the lots from 7 PM to 6 AM weekdays, weekends, and holidays. However, there is no guarantee against vandalism, theft, or any other loss of or damage to your personal property. You park at your own risk.

3. Please assist our efforts by locking your car and taking your keys. Report all vandalism immediately to Stratford Parking Enforcement or the Stratford Police Department.


Park only in clearly marked stalls – not on or over the lines, not in areas with diagonal lines, not in spaces reserved for other purposes by posted signs, not in traffic lanes, etc.,. If in doubt, park elsewhere in another space. SPE and/or SPD will issue tickets and/or tow vehicles guilty of the following violations:

1. Parking on and/or over the lines – occupying more than one parking space.

2. Blocking another vehicle; refusing to move and park again while waiting to drop off or pick up.

3. Blocking an entrance, exit, or fire lane.

4. Parking in a non-designated space or other restricted area - reserved for other purposes by posted signs, traffic lanes, drop-off zones, etc.

5. Disregarding directional (Keep Right) signs/arrows.

6. Driving too fast as observed and or recorded by the SPE and/or SPD.

K spaces are never free - $25 fine + towing without additional notice 24/7.

R spaces are reserved for restaurant use 24/7 with a 2 hour limit - $25 fine + possible towing without additional notice.

Daily Parking and B spaces are free between the weekday hours of 12:01pm and 5:30am the following weekday morning, and all day on Saturdays, Sundays, and Town holidays.