Permit Renewals

The permit renewal paperwork will be attached to the renewal email and sent prior to the end of each six (6) month period. Be sure to read the email and its attachments.  Failure to read the renewal email and its attachments grant no relief, waiver, or extension.
  1. Early January with a January 31st renewal deadline (or 4:30 PM on the last business day before the 31st) - for permits expiring February 28th/29th.
  2. Early July with a July 31st renewal deadline (or 4:30 PM on the last business day before the 31st) - for permits expiring August 31st.
  3. Online renewal closes on January/July 31st.
  4. Permit renewals received late will be processed subject to weekly escalating late fees.
  5. Renewal applications received after the February 21st or August 21st will be denied.
  6. No exception for travel, weekends, holidays, or postmarks.
Online renewals must be submitted at by January or July 31st, or the last business day before the 31st. Be sure to read the renewal email and its attachments, which will guide you through the process. Return the signed and initialed B/K Permit Reminder (BKR) and any other required document(s) by email (preferred for clarity and date/time stamp), or fax. (203) 385-4108.

Mail or in person renewals must include the signed renewal application, the signed and initialed BKR, a check or money order for the permit renewal fee, and a current copy of any registration or driver license that shows expired on the renewal application, and must be received by the specified deadline at the following address:
    Stratford Railroad Department
    2725 Main Street, Room 205
    Stratford, CT 06615
  1. It is in no way the responsibility of SRRP to request updates of your contact information.
  2. Please report changes of any contact information – address, phone numbers, email addresses via email to [email protected].
  3. Failure to do so may result in you not receiving parking information updates or notifications to renew your permit for the next period.
  4. Whatever the cause, a lack of response to the renewal email by the specified deadlines will incur weekly escalating late fees and, after the 21st of February or August, be interpreted as declining the offer.
  5. Permit renewals and all other communications regarding permits are sent out only via email.