Animal Control


Stratford Animal Control is a Division of the Stratford Police Department that enforces all State Laws and Town Ordinance related to animals. It is the responsibility of the Animal Control Division to investigate roaming dogs, animal bites, cruelty to animals, barking nuisance, unreasonable tethering or confining of a dog, town defecation ordinance, leash law, valid rabies vaccination, dog licensure and rabies related wildlife complaints that present an eminent danger to the public. It is the goal of the Animal Control Division to educate the public on humane animal care and to place impounded animals into qualified homes.

The purpose of the Stratford Animal Control Facility is to hold the Town of Stratford's stray animals. We do not accept owner released animals.

Stratford Animal Control works in conjunction with the Stratford Animal Rescue Society to facilitate and expedite adoptions of homeless animals into homes. In addition, together, we raise funds through private donations and public fundraisers to provide food and medical care for animals impounded at the Stratford Animal Control Facility.

All animals impounded at the facility are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested for disease and microchipped prior to adoption. The Stratford Animal Control Facility maintains a 100% adoptable animal rate.

The Animal Control Division is not licensed as a pest control service or wildlife rehabilitator. For concerns regarding nuisance, injured or orphaned wildlife please click on the link for further information.

There are currently no laws pertaining to roaming or stray cats in Stratford. Animal Control will only get involved with cats under the following circumstances: cat bites, verify valid rabies vaccinations for owned domestic cats, aid sick or injured cats, investigate cruelty violations, and investigate complaints of cats exhibiting signs of rabies. Other than the complaints described above you may contact the following organizations for help or advice.

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