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Stratford Point & Lighthouse

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Prospect Dr
Stratford, CT 06615



Please note: The Stratford Point Lighthouse (shown in the picture above) is a private residence. It is never open to the public. You may view the lighthouse, and/or photograph it, from the Stratford Point property, but the lighthouse itself is never open to the public. The Stratford Point property, located to the east of the lighthouse, is open, as noted below, to the public. If you are interested in the Stratford Point Lighthouse, please read the Connecticut Post article.

Stratford Point is owned and privately managed by Sporting Goods Properties a subsidiary of the Dupont Corporation. Stratford Point is generally open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Stratford Point is approximately 27 acres in size and is surrounded on three sides by water. The Point is an excellent location for viewing American Kestrels, Eastern Meadowlarks, Northern Harriers and many species of shorebirds. The Point is a fall stopover for migrating monarch butterflies. During late September and early October Stratford Point is alive with hundreds of butterflies feeding on the blooming goldenrod.

 "The Great Eastern (Skeet Shoot Tournament) is the older of the two tournaments, having been inaugurated in 1929. It is held at Lordship, built by the Remington Gun Club near Bridgeport, Connecticut, and now operated by the Lordship Recreation Center, Inc.

Lordship is on a point that projects like the turf-covered bow of a ship into Long Island Sound. Around its edge nine skeet fields are arranged so that there is no danger from cross fire. Every year hundreds of skeet shooters gather there to compete in the Great Eastern Championship, The Lordship Cup Championship for teams of five, and in four other title events."


From "Remington Arms in American History", by Alden Hatch, 1956, Remington Arms Company, Inc.


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