Stratford Redevelopment Agency

    Mission Statement
  • Stratford Redevelopment Authority is committed to the economic vitality and improved infrastructure of the Town of Stratford.
  • SRA will help devise and implement a diverse plan that will encourage, assist, and promote industrial, economic and commercial development, enhance property values and encourage job growth for Stratford businesses.
  • SRA seeks to create opportunities to attract and sustain development, foster reinvestment in neighborhoods and commercial areas, and promote the rehabilitation, acquisition and re-marketing of delinquent, abandoned or blighted properties.




Sale Price


0.69 Acres
2350 Stratford Avenue Sale price Negotiable This property is within 1 mile of 2 existing Brownfield Re-developments. Two Roads brewery and 1111 Stratford Ave apartments are both on Stratford Ave and have been successfully redeveloped.