Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I burn leaves or garbage in my back yard?

A. The burning of leaves, brush or garbage is considered open burning. Open burning is governed by the Department of Environmental Protection, which designates an open burning official for each municipality. The Fire Marshal holds that title in Stratford. Burning permits are not issued in Stratford. All leaves and brush can be turned to compost. The town will remove leaves and most brush.

Q. Are Chimneys and Firepits legal in Stratford?

A. You can use Chimneys and Firepits in Stratford providing you follow some guidelines. You can only burn clean, dry, non-processed wood. The smoke must not create a nuisance in accordance with any restrictions imposed on such burning found in the Code of Stratford. Any complaints to the Fire or Health Departments that are found valid can result in fines and /or arrest.

Q. Will the Stratford Fire Department pump water out of a house or basement?

A. No. The Stratford Fire Department will not pump any water out of houses or basements. We simply do not have the manpower during severe storms. Also, we cannot pump water into the sewer system that may be hazardous waste.

 Q. What are some concerns with getting water in the basement?

A. When water starts to accumulate in the basement you should watch for the water rising close to the utilities, such as your heater or electric box. If this happens, the Stratford Fire Department should be called. They will assess the current situation and if need be, they will turn the power off. Should this happen, it would then be your responsibility to have your power turned back on.

Q. Will the Stratford Fire Department install infant car seats?

A. No. The Stratford Fire Department is not trained to install infant car seats.  If you need help with installation, please call Corporal Mike Reid with the Stratford Police Department, Traffic Division at (203) 385-4158 to make an appointment. 

Q. What is the correct way to store gasoline?

A. Gasoline should always, always, be tightly sealed in an approved container, kept out of the house and out of the reach of children.  Seal both the spout on the container and the vent.  Keep gasoline away from ignition sources, in a detached garage or shed, keep it tightly sealed and away from children. 

Q. Where should smoke detectors be placed?

A. Smoke detectors belong on the ceiling or high on the wall in the hallway outside the bedrooms, in the stairwell and on the cellar ceiling.  Don't install them near windows, doors or air registers that could impair sensitivity.  And don't put them in the kitchen - cooking fumes can falsely trigger them.  Keep them free of dust and cobwebs and never paint them.

Q. Does the Stratford Fire Department provide car lock out services for the public?

A. Yes ,the Stratford Fire department will provide assistance gaining entry to a motor vehicle if there is a life threatening emergency to persons or animals trapped in vehicles. Vehicles that are running with no persons trapped inside are not considered life threatening and these situations are best served by calling for a qualified locksmith to provide entry. The Stratford Police department may be required to respond to any call for service for lockouts to verify ownership of motor vehicle.

Q. Does the Stratford Fire Department collect unused or discharged fire extinguishers?

A. No, these can be disposed of in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations or dropped off at the local Hazardous cleanup day sponsored by most municipalities. They should not be dropped off at any Fire station.


Contact Information

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