Fire Safety Test

Can you save your own life?

* Take our test and find out. Give yourself 5 points for each correct answer.

1.What should you do if you awaken at night, find the bedroom door open and the room filled with smoke? Answer

2. What should you do if you awaken at night, smell smoke and the bedroom door is closed, but hot to touch? Answer

3. Will the clothes you are wearing burn? Answer

4. If you are in a room on the fifth floor, and smoke is seeping under the door, what should you do? Answer

5. When you stay with friends, or in an unfamiliar building, do you check for emergency exits or fire escapes? Answer

6. Do you have a family escape plan, which includes emergency exits if the normal exit is blocked by smoke or fire? Answer

7. What could you do if food cooking in a frying pan catches fire? Answer

8. How does the carbon monoxide produced by a fire affect your perception? Answer

9. Why could an improperly chosen fuse cause a fire? Answer

10. What information should you give the fire department when you call to report a fire? Answer

11. After sending an alarm from a fire alarm box, what should you do? Answer

12. Can you think of at least two conditions in which an electric cord is dangerous? Answer

13. What action should you take if you find a large fire in your basement and there is a fire extinguisher nearby? Answer

14. When you are trying to light a gas oven the first match goes out before starting the burner, what should you do? Answer

15. Why are wet hay, damp newspapers, or oily rags dangerous? Answer

16. What can happen if gasoline is stored in a basement or garage with a poorly fitted container cover? Answer

17. If an extension cored or the cord of an appliance started a fire what would you do? Answer

18. What kind of fires cannot be extinguished using water? Answer

19. When and where should ashtrays be emptied? Answer

20. What is the greatest cause of death related to fire? Answer

21. What device is most effective for detecting a fire? Answer

22. Should an elevator be considered a good fire escape route? Answer

23. If you must exit from a room through a window, which will not open what should you do? Answer

24. What should you do if your clothes catch fire? Answer

25. If you must use a smoky hallway to exit from a burning building, what should you do? Answer

Grade yourself – 5 points for every correct answer.

100-90 You know what to do in a fire emergency and escaped in time. You’ve got the fire safety idea.

89-80 You barely escaped, but you’re catching on to fire safety. Brush up on areas you’re uncertain about.

79-70 Alive but singed, you’re cutting it close. Some fire safety fundamentals are still hazy, so take another look at the questions and answers.

69 & below - Hope you pull through. While you still have a chance, cover this material again and improve the odds of your staying alive.

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