Raymark Contact Information

Multiple agencies and organizations are actively involved in the Raymark investigation and cleanup.

The following list of key contacts is offered for those who would like more specific information about health or environmental aspects of the project.

Stratford Health Department

Alivia Coleman, Health Program Associate:  203-385-4090

Andrea L. Boissevain, Director of Health:  203-385-4090

Environmental Protection Agency


 Jim DiLorenzo, Remedial Project Manager:  617-918-1247

Ron Jennings, Remedial Project Manager:  617-918-1242

ZaNetta Purnell, Community Involvement Coordinator:  617-918-1306

John Kilborn, Legal:  617-918-1893

Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection



Ron Curran:  860-424-3764

Connecticut Department of Public Health


Meg Harvey:  860-509-7748

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