Lead Poisoning Prevention and Control



The Stratford Health Department is notified by doctors, labs, and the Connecticut Department of Public Health of all abnormal blood lead levels in children under the age of 6 years.  Our certified lead inspector risk assessors perform home visits and conduct sampling to identify the source of a child's lead exposure. Once the source of lead is identified, we work with parents and property owners to make sure lead hazards are controlled. 

Childhood lead poisoning is the most common pediatric health problem, but it is entirely preventable.  The Stratford Health Department offers guidance to parents and homeowners to prevent lead poisoning and keep homes lead-safe.

To learn more about the dangers of lead poisoning and how to protect your family, visit the Connecticut Department of Public Health's website.

If you have questions about lead or if your child is lead poisoned, please contact Alivia Coleman at (203) 385-4090.

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Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
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