Community Health Education

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Many factors impact the health of residents and our community. Health factors include lifestyle and behavior choices, as well as social and environmental conditions.

Our Community Health professionals work to improve the health by:
  • Advocating and supporting policies to improve social and economic conditions
  • Offering education and support to help individuals make healthy behavior and lifestyle changes
  • Addressing chronic and communicable diseases
  • Monitoring the health of residents through research, data collection and evaluation
We provide education and support through workshops, communication materials, presentations and classes on multiple health topics, including nutrition, physical activity, cardiovascular disease, injury prevention, and asthma.

Community Health Education also maintains a library of health related literature and links to other organizations to help answer questions you may have. Contact the Community Health Education Division, located at the Birdseye Municipal Complex, at 385-4090 for more information or via email at [email protected]