Mass Dispensing Clinics

The Stratford Health Department has developed and maintains the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Plan attachment to the Town of Stratford's Emergency Operations Plan. This comprehensive plan includes sections for mass dispensing (i.e. conducting mass clinics to provide vaccines or medications), dissemination of emergency public health communications, and an overall framework of how your health department will respond during a major emergency. 

All local health departments across Connecticut have been asked to develop plans to respond quickly to establish mass dispensing clinics, or Points of Dispensing ("PODs") in the event it is necessary to provide vaccines or medicine to all our residents during a public health emergency.

The Stratford Health Department is also the lead local health department for the Mass Dispensing Area #12, which includes Stratford, Trumbull, and Monroe. Together with the Trumbull-Monroe Health District, the Stratford Health Department must be ready to operate PODs, on 24 hours notice, to serve the approximately 100,000 residents of Stratford, Trumbull and Monroe.