Conservation Commission

Our promote the development and conservation of natural resources, within the Town of Stratford

Powers and Duties...
  • Conduct research into the utilization of land areas of the town.
  • Coordinate the activities of groups organized for similar purposes.
  • Advertise, prepare and distribute books, charts, plans and pamphlets, as necessary, for its purpose.
  • Keep an index of all open areas, including open marshlands, swamps and other wetlands for the purpose of obtaining information on the proper use of such areas.
  • Recommend to the Town places and programs for the development and use of areas which may include the acquisition of conservation easements.
  • Request the Town Council to acquire land in the name of the town for any of the Conservation Commission's purposes.
  • Keep accurate records of meeting and activities.
  • Make annual reports to the Town Council.
  • Receive gifts in the name of the town for any of its purposes and administer them
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**Published by the Stratford Conservation Commission 1990. Pp 23

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Conservation Department
2725 Main St.
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Phone: (203) 385-4080