Rail Road Wait List 

Welcome to the Railroad Waitlist. To be placed on the waitlist just fill out the form below.

The parking area contains a total of 482 commuter parking spaces.
  • 308 are reserved on a first-come/first-served basis for “B” permit holders.
  • 45 are reserved exclusively for “K” permit holders.
  • 116 are available for non-permit daily parking.
  • 13 are designated for handicapped parking.
“B” permits are currently six-month permit and cost $175.00 plus a processing fee. “K” permits are currently six-month permits and cost $480 plus a processing fee. The daily parking spaces - for those parking without permits – currently cost $5 per day and are located on both sides of the tracks.

Changes and updates to contact information – phone numbers, email address, and address changes – must be sent by email to [email protected].

Please note that adding your name to the waitlist more than one time, you will lose your earlier position in line and be placed in the order of your most recent submission.

Stratford Railroad Station (SRRP)
[email protected]

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