Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is the waiting list so long?
  2. In recent years the strong economy has placed great demand on all Connecticut commuter parking facilities. SRRP currently has a total of 478 parking spaces to satisfy this demand, which exceeds our current capacity by almost double.

  3. Can train tickets be purchased at the station?
  4. Yes.  Tickets may be purchased from Metro North ticket machines on the New York/Westbound platform.

  5. Is any preference given to Stratford residents?
  6. No. SRRP is an enterprise fund supported by its patrons. No discounts or fee waivers are provided to Stratford residents.

  7. Where can I park if the lot is full?
  8. If the lot is full, a number of parking spaces may be available across the street from the station on Linden Avenue and Church Street. Please note that these spaces fill up very early.

  9. May I park my car overnight?
    • Yes, you may park overnight at the station at your own risk.
    • All vehicles parked overnight in a numbered daily parking space are subject to a $5 daily fee after 6 AM each weekday morning, excluding municipal holidays.
    • All vehicles parked in any permit parking space are subject to a $25 parking violation after 6 AM each weekday morning, excluding holidays.
    • Overnight parkers are encouraged to park close to the station and/or near a light if possible.

  10. I did not pay for daily parking and I do not have a parking permit.  Am I still obligated to pay if there is no ticket on my car when I return from my trip?
    • Yes. To confirm the ticket number and amount of the fine or fee, send your state and plate number within 72 hours to [email protected].
    • Full payment must be received within seventeen (17) calendar days, including the ticket issue date, or the fine/fee doubles on the 18th day.
    • Fine/fee triples on the 30th calendar day, including the ticket issue date, if any unpaid balance remains.
    • No exception for travel, postmarks, weekends, or holidays.
    • If your email inquiry about a lost/misplaced ticket is not received within 72 hours, full payment of the fine and/or penalty is required.

  11. May I share, sell, rent, transfer, or bequeath the permit to another person?
    1. No.  SRRP retains sole ownership of each B or K permit.
      • Only those on the permit waitlist are eligible to receive a SRRP permit.
      • A B or K permit gives permission to the permit holder to park vehicles associated with the designated permit address by the state issued registration certificate with the permit address on it.  If the registration certificate does not have the permit address on it, one of the following additional documents with the permit address on it will be required:
        • another DMV document.
        • an insurnace document.
        • a company authorization to drive for corporate vehicles, or
        • page 1 of the lease contract for leased vehicles.
    2. SRRP permits are neither transferrable nor inheritable.  When the original permit holder - originally on the permit waitlist, original recipient of the permit offer - no longer needs or desires the permit, it will be expired, deleted, and sold to the next eligible person on the permit waitlist.