Parking Restrictions

  1. B” permit holders may not park in spaces designated as daily parking spaces, “R” or restaurant and coffee shop spaces. Violators will be ticketed $25.
  2. The 22 “R” spaces, including the handicap space the corner near Main Street, have a 2 hour limit. Violators will be ticketed $25. Violators will be towed if the restaurant owner requests it.
  3. B” permit holders may not park in “K” spaces, which are reserved for “K” permit holders. Violators will be ticketed and towed.
  4. K” permit holders may only park in "K" spaces. “K” permit holders who park anywhere other than "K" spaces will be ticketed and towed.
  5. All who utilize SRRP must park properly in designated stalls only – not on or over the lines, not in areas with diagonal lines, not in spaces reserved for other purposes by posted signs, not in traffic lanes, etc. If there is any doubt, don’t park a vehicle in that spot. Failure to park properly in a stall will result in a $25.00 fine and/or revocation of current permit status if applicable.
  6. The daily parking receipt is not a parking permit. Vehicles parked in permit parking without a permit are subject to a $25 fine. Those who park in permit parking and pay for a daily parking space will still have to pay the $25 fine. The daily parking receipts says:


  8. The daily parking receipt is not a parking permit. It is a receipt and is valid only for numbered daily parking spaces on the day it is issued.
    • "B" permit holders parking outside "B" spaces or lots will receive a $25 fine and may be towed.
    • "K" permit holders parking in "B" spaces/lots, daily parking, or restaurant parking will be issued a $25 fine and be towed.
  1. Evidence of fraud in obtaining a permit or its use shall void that permit.
  2. A permit holder may not share, rent, sell, transfer, and/or engage in any other improper use of a permit at any time.
  3. If a permit holder is suspected of sharing, renting, selling, or engaging in any other improper use of a permit, he or she must prove to the satisfaction of SRRP that it has not occurred.
  4. You agree to this condition by accepting a permit.
The Permit Parking Waitlist functions on a first-come, first-serve basis. Individuals are added to the waiting list by the date and time their information is submitted via the online form. Individuals on the waiting list will be contacted by email as spaces become available. Upon being sent a new permit offer for the B permits, a person is removed from the waitlist.
  1. Add your name to the online wait list at Rail Road Wait List.
  2. Please note that if you add your name to the permit waitlist more than once, you will lose your earlier position on the list and be placed in the order based on your most recent submission.
  3. It is not in any way the responsibility of SRRP to contact you to update your information.
  4. Those on the waitlist are responsible to send inquiries, waitlist status requests, and updates to contact information – address, email address, phone numbers – to [email protected].
  5. Failure to keep your email address current will result in any communication about permit offers being misdirected or returned as undeliverable.
  6. Whatever the cause, a lack of response to the offer by the specified deadline will be interpreted as declining the offer.
  1. "B" permits…
    • A "B" permit does not guarantee a parking space.
    • Possession of a “B” permit means you may park at a highly discounted rate if a permit parking space is available when you arrive. If all B spaces are full, you must park outside SRRP or incur $25 fines.
    • You may park only one of the vehicles registered on your “B” permit in a permit parking space at any given time. Violators of this will be ticketed when discovered, permit may be cancelled, and permit parking privileges revoked.

  2. "K" permits…
    • Possession of a "K" permit means you have one "K" space reserved only for your use 24 hours a day.
    • You may park only one of the vehicles registered on your “K” permit in the “K” spaces at any given time.
    • Violators will be ticketed and are subject to being towed at the registered owner’s risk and expense and without additional notice.