Boothe Park Commission

3-Year Terms – 9 Members, 2 of which from the Town Council, Appointed by Mayor- Per Charter § 5-42 Establishment; membership; terms  

Purpose and Objectives

1. To continue to identify and catalog the existing Boothe Park structures and other improvements and the documents, collections and other contents and new accessions thereto, including any property held for the public by the Boothe Trustees or others.

2. To adopt, update, revise, implement and carry out a comprehensive plan for use, preservation, restoration and development of Boothe Park, subject to the approval of the Stratford Town Council. 

3. From time to time, to recommend to the Stratford Town Council such rules and regulations as, in the Commission’s judgment, are necessary and appropriate for the use of the park.

Council Members
James Connor (R) - District 8  
Kaitlyn Shake (D)  

Regular Members

Maureen Millward 210 Brinsmayd Ave. 
Richard Brown (D) 6375 Main St. 
Andrea Kawakami (R) 251 Meadowmere Rd
Anna Scala (D) 435 Warner Hill Rd.
Louis DeCilio (R) 160 Timber Ridge Rd.
Ann Minton (R)  
Raymond Voccola (D) 320 River Valley Rd. 

Alternate Members
 (per amendment passed 03/08/2010)
Frank Kecko (Rose Garden) 69 Beers Place
Paul Devitto (Railway Society) 310 Reeds Ln.
Adam Hosa (Radio Club) 40 California St. Unit A21 
Elliot Severn (Astornomical Society) 75 McNeil Terr. 

Ad Hoc Members
Director of Public Works
Superintendent of Recreation
Park Superintendent
Secretary: Debbie Gallo

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