Commission on Aging

Purpose and Objectives

The Commission shall study continuously the conditions and needs of elderly persons in the community in relation to housing, economic, employment, health, recreation and other matters. It shall analyze the services for the aged provided by the community, both by public and private agencies, and shall make recommendations to the Town Council regarding the development and integration of public and private agencies, in cooperation with state and other services to the extent possible.


Tammy Trojanowski - Director of Community and Senior Services
Members     Term Expires
1 Mayor as ex-officio member    
2 members representing private voluntary agencies    
1 member representing educational community    
1 member clergy representation    
1 member representing the age group concerned, 7 members - electorate of Town of Stratford
Elizabeth Perlman-Cole   July 12, 2024
Rev. Pat Coller
Stratford Clergy
July 12, 2024
Gus P. Csuka   July 12, 2024
Kathy Fagella   July 12, 2024
Sandra Fisher   July 12, 2024
Yvonne Temple
Public Schools
July 12, 2024
Carl Glad
  July 12, 2024
George Hangos
  July 12, 2024
Suzanne Richards
  July 12, 2024
Loretta Kryzanski   July 12, 2024
Dale McClanan
  July 12, 2024
Mary Semedo
  July 12, 2024
Mary Therrien
July 12, 2024
Andrea Boissevain
Health Department July 12, 2024
Secretary:   Catherine Williams

Stratford Commission on Aging

The Stratford Commission on Aging is a volunteer group that studies the needs of older adults in Stratford, helps coordinate programs, and advocates for the benefit of older adults.

Membership: The Commission consists of the Mayor as ex-officio and twelve (12) members of the community, appointed by the Mayor, two of whom shall represent the private, voluntary agencies of the Town, one of whom shall represent the educational community, one of whom shall represent the clergy , and at least one of whom shall represent the age group concerned.

Officers: The Commission has a Chairperson and a Vice Chairperson. There is a recording secretary, provided by the Town.

Meetings are open to the public. Anyone, including guests, can address the Commission at any time. The Commission also has bulletin board space where a list of all members and minutes of the most recent meeting can be found.

Persons wanting to bring up issues to the Commission may contact any member or contact the Director of Community and Senior Services if said person cannot attend a meeting.  

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