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2-1-1 United Way - 2-1-1 is Connecticut’s free information and referral service. Simply by dialing 2-1-1, a toll-free number throughout Connecticut, callers can reach knowledgeable, multilingual staff and get information, referrals or seek help in a crisis. 2-1-1 operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year. TDD access is available. - Allconnect is a “one-stop shop” for residents to compare the different service providers available in their area. We recently created a page specifically for the residents of Connecticut to explore their options and find a plan that fits their needs. - What is Mesothelioma? Primarily caused by asbestos exposure, mesothelioma is a cancer that affects the lining of the lungs or abdomen and in some cases the lining of the heart. Symptoms of the cancer resemble less serious conditions, which usually contributes to a late diagnosis.

Assisted Living Directory - Connecticut, with approximately 3,493,006 residents, has a higher than national average of residents over the age of 65. Currently, 13.5% of Connecticut residents fall into this category (the national average is 12.6%). The most recent census figures tell us that there are just under a half-million seniors living in Connecticut. 

This page should serve as a starting point for learning about many of the different assisted living facilities and long term care options throughout Connecticut.

Baldwin Center - Programs and transportation for residents aged 60 and over by Stratford Senior Services. For more information call 203-385-4050.

Connecticut Audubon Society - Connecticut Audubon Society conserves Connecticut’s environment through science-based education and advocacy focused on the state’s bird populations and habitats. Founded in 1898, Connecticut Audubon Society operates nature facilities in Fairfield, Milford, Glastonbury and Pomfret as well as an EcoTravel office in Essex and an Environmental Advocacy program in Hartford.

East Coast Greenway - The East Coast Greenway is a developing trail system, spanning nearly 3,000 miles as it winds its way between Canada and Key West, linking all the major cities of the eastern seaboard. Nearly 25 percent of the route is already on safe, traffic-free paths.

Festival Stratford - Stratford is a town of many festivals. Check out this website for the latest festival events planned for Stratford.

Greater Bridgeport Transit Authority - Welcome Aboard! The Greater Bridgeport Transit Authority (the Authority) operates a family of bus transit services in the Greater Bridgeport Connecticut Area. Our services are provided throughout Bridgeport, Fairfield, Stratford and Trumbull with Route 15 service extending to Shelton and Derby and the Coastal Link (CL) bus operating along Route 1 from Milford to Norwalk.

Help the Children Foundation, Inc. - Help The Children Foundation, Inc. mission statement is to promote education through sports, provide FREE programs for participants and a safe learning environment that stimulates the growth of young minds to achieve their goals, and to gain a positive outlook on life.

History of Lordship - The purpose of this website is to collect and preserve the history of Lordship.

Mesothelioma - The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance is dedicated to serving mesothelioma victims and their families. - Get info on the latest Mesothelioma treatments, resources & the Asbestos Trust Fund.

Mesothelioma Symptoms - For the past several decades, information about mesothelioma had been scarce and inconclusive, making this form of cancer one of the most indefinite and unspecified diseases in modern history. As physicians, scientists and various medical research experts learn more about this fatal disease, we’ve been able to determine that the greatest asset we have in battling this disease is information. Because mesothelioma carries such a great latency period, this disease is often misdiagnosed because the symptoms are so similar to more common and treatable illnesses.

Metro North Railroad

People to Jobs - The People to Jobs Regional Transportation Task Force is a collaborative effort which resulted from the need to improve access to jobs for welfare clients, low income individuals and anyone who depends on public transportation. With broad representation from government, business, regional planning agencies, chambers of commerce, social service providers, job developers, and transportation providers, People to Jobs is committed to improving transportation services region-wide via new, expanded, and enhanced services to reduce the barrier of transportation to employment.

Recycle Everything - Recycling is the process of taking a product at the end of its useful life and using all or part of it to make another product. The internationally recognized symbol for recycling includes three arrows moving in a triangle. Each arrow represents a different part of the recycling process, from collection to re-manufacture to resale. 

But what does all this have to do with you? Well, recycling is a simple way that you, as a consumer, can help out the environment, create a profitable market for recycled goods and help preserve natural resources from being depleted. So...let's get involved!

ReStore - A division of Habitat for Humanity of Coastal Fairfield County, the ReStore accepts donations of new or nearly new building supplies, furniture and appliances from individuals, contractors, and businesses. Some of the materials will be used to build Habitat homes, and any extra materials will be sold at the Habitat ReStore. Proceeds from the ReStore benefit Habitat for Humanity of Coastal Fairfield County.

Stratford Animal Rescue - The Stratford Animal Rescue Society is a non-profit volunteer organization, founded in September 2000, with the unaminous support of the Stratford Town Council to promote the cause of animal welfare for animals housed in the Stratford Animal Control Facility.

Our primary purpose is to facilitate and expedite adoptions of homeless animals into homes. In addition, we raise funds through private donations and public fundraisers to provide food and medical care for animals impounded at the Stratford Animal Control Facility.

Stratford Community Concert Band - The Stratford (CT) Community Concert Band was formed in 1961 and for many years existed as a conventional concert band. However, over the past decade, and under the direction of Wayne Hiller, the group has evolved into a 40-member swing band. Its repertoire is devoted almost entirely to the performance of classic and modern swing arrangements. Members range in age from high school students to retirees and hail from the Stratford area and beyond. The band welcomes all musicians who play wind instruments normally associated with a swing band (including French horns and baritones/euphoniums but no double reeds - sorry).

Stratford Community Organizations Council - Welcome to Stratford Community Organizations Council. We have been providing services and programs to individuals in the Stratford area for over 30 years.

Stratford Cat Project - Stratford Cat Project is a non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue of homeless and abandoned cats in Stratford and surrounding communities.

Founded in 2001, Stratford Cat Project rescues stray cats, provides veterinary care, food, shelter, socialization, and love until an animal is ready for adoption. We are not a shelter and do not have a facility. All of our animals live in foster homes.

Stratford Chamber of Commerce - The Bridgeport Regional Business Council is comprised of five affiliates: the Bridgeport, Stratford and Trumbull Chambers of Commerce, Leadership Greater Bridgeport and the Women's Leadership Council and has approximately 1,000 investor members.

The primary mission of the Business Council is to pursue economic development of the region that will lead to increased jobs and tax base growth. The goal is to create a business environment receptive to expansion of current businesses and attraction of new businesses to the area.

Stratford Historical Society - Museum and history center for residents and visitors interested in Stratford's long and storied past.

Stratford Oldtimers Athletic Association - A 501(c)3 non-profit serving the community by making scholarship awards, sponsorships and donations to student athletes, youth sports leagues and other civic organizations through fundraising efforts.

Stratford Rotary Club - The Object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular, to encourage and foster:

FIRST. The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service;

SECOND. High ethical standards in business and professions, the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations, and the dignifying of each Rotarian's occupation as an opportunity to serve society;

THIRD. The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian's personal, business, and community life;

FOURTH. The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.

Stratford Veterans Museum - The Stratford Veterans Museum has the mission of honoring veterans from Stratford who have served our country honorably in war and in peace and to act as a repository for their stories. The museum will be geared to accommodate school children to foster their appreciation of United States history and the sacrifices of those men and woman who made our country possible. A major goal of the committee is to make the Stratford Veterans Museum a site for school field trips.

The Stratford -Trumbull-Monroe Medical Reserve Corps - The Stratford-Trumbull-Monroe Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a group of medical and non-medical volunteers organized to respond to public health emergencies in the three-town region. The MRC is a specialized component of Citizen Corps, a national network of volunteers dedicated to ensuring homeland security. The Stratford-Trumbull-Monroe MRC is operated by the Stratford Health Department and Trumbull-Monroe Health District. Our MRC’s mission is to provide trained and prepared individuals, from both medical and non-medical backgrounds, who will respond to public health concerns and emergencies in an effort to save lives and reduce the threat of disease or injury. Although “medical” is in our name, membership is NOT limited to medical personnel. Most everyone has skills, that when shared, can be an asset to the community and invaluable in their neighbors’ time of need.

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