Beaver Dam

Beaver Dam is a beautiful private lake. While access to the lake is not open to the general public, the views from the Beaver Dam Road are spectacular. You may walk along the lake on Beaver Dam Road. There's also a northern entrance to Roosevelt Forest from Beaver Dam Road. Many species of birds frequent this area and may be observed on the lake and in the surrounding trees. While visiting this area, please mindful, and respectful, of the private property rights of the home owners residing along Beaver Dam Road.

One of Beaver Dam's most famous residents was Jack Tierney. Jack was a renowned bird carver whose carvings won many awards. Jack was a past-president of Connecticut Audubon and was very instrumental in the opening of Connecticut Audubon's education center at Milford Point. Jack passed away in 2007, but his beautiful carvings live on in the homes of many Connecticut residents. Jack loved the Beaver Dam lake and was known to share the beautiful views of the lake from his backyard with all the visitors to his home. Jack was an avid fisherman and claimed Beaver Dam offered many fine fishing opportunities.

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