Remington Woods

Remington Woods is a beautiful 420 acre tract of land which was originally owned by the Remington Arms Company. Remington Woods was originally used for testing and storing munitions manufactured by the Remington Arms Company. Remington Woods' history is tightly interwoven with the lives and histories of the towns of Bridgeport and Stratford, Connecticut. Remington Woods is currently owned by the Sporting Goods Properties subsidiary of the Dupont Corporation. Remington Woods is closed to the general public, but beautiful views, vistas and panoramas of the "Woods" can be observed from streets abutting the property. The "Woods" straddle the Bridgeport and Stratford town lines. About 75 acres of the property are located within the boundaries of the Town of Stratford. For a history of Remington Woods you are invited to visit the Friends of Remington Woods website at

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