Frash Pond

Frash Pond is an ocean water fed pond located towards the southern end of Stratford. The pond is a stopover for many species of shorebirds. The following constitutes just some of the shore birds which have been spotted at Frash Pond: Canada Goose, Common Loon, Gadwall, American Black Duck, Mallard, Green-winged Teal, Canvasback, Bufflehead, Hooded Merganser, Ruddy Duck, Double-crested Cormorant, Great Cormorant, Ring-billed Gull, and Herring Gull. Additionally, American Goldfinches, Brown Creepers, Cooper's Hawks, Monk Parakeets, Mourning Doves, Northern Cardinals, Red-tailed Hawks, and Rough Legged Hawks have been observed around Frash Pond.

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