Housatonic River Islands

There are four major islands on the Stratford side of the Housatonic River. They are located north of the I-95 bridge over the river. The largest of the islands is Carting Island, followed in decreasing order by Pope's Flat, Long Island, and Peacock Island. Below the Washington (Route 1) Bridge is another series of smaller islands dominated by Goose Island. All of the islands tend to be very productive areas for many forms of river dependent organisms due to the large interface between the land and river, and the seclusion from human interference.

The vegetation consists mainly of spartina, wild rice, and phragmites. The detritis formed from these plants is one of the first links in the food web of Long Island Sound. The islands also serve as breeding grounds for waterfowl, aquatic mammals, many other species of birds. The protective channels serve as nurseries for fish and shellfish. The low elevation of the islands allows for periodic flushing with river water during flood tides and coastal storms.

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