Stratford's History 1891-1937

(The following Stratford History was taken from The Stratford Bard 350th Founder's Day Parade Issue.  The Stratford Bard 350th Founder's Day Parade Issue was generously shared with us by the Stratford Historical Society).

1891   Horse-car service to center from Bridgeport.
1892 Fourth bridge at the Ferry opened to the public.
1893 N.Y., N.H., and Hartford tracks raised, over-passes made and location of station changed from Linden Avenue to present site.
1894 First trolley service to Stratford Center.  Library building a gift from Mr. Birdseye Blakeman erected.
1895 Trolley service extended to Washington Bridge and Paradise Green.
1896 Public Library dedicated.
1897 Bridgeport Hydraulic Co’s water mains laid.  Washington School built.  Trolley tracks laid on Washington Bridge.
1898 Pootatuck Yacht Club organized.
1899 First trolley, over tracks laid to Derby, fell from trestle at Peck's, mill.  Course of study high school, previously two years, extended to three and soon to four years, as at present.
1900 The Rev. Cyrus F. Stimson pastor of First Congregational Church. Neighborhood Church organized.
1901 Advent Chapel on Church Street, now Red Men's Hall (1939), rebuilt for use of Neighborhood Church.
1902 Third Methodist Church erected and cornerstone placed.
1903 Methodist Church dedicated.
1904 The Rev. Edward N. Packard pastor of First Congregational Church. Sedgwick SchooI built.
1905 Illuminating gas brought to Stratford.
1906 SL James R.C. Church set apart as a distinct and special parish.  Okenuck Tribe of Red Men organized.
1910 Electric current available for interior lighting.
1911 Bridgeport Board of Trade proposed the annexation of Stratford.  Much opposition.  Town voted street lighting, more equipment for fire department and salary for chief.  Franklin School dedicated.
1912 Talk of borough-form of government.  A newspaper The Stratford Times started. Tuttle building dedicated.
1913 St. James R. C. Church edifice erected.  Moving picture theatre opened.  Postal carrier service instituted.  Eli Whitney School built and had many problems with heating and leaks.
1914 Death of the Rev. N.E. Cornwall, for 22 years Rector of Christ Church.
1915 Homes of the Stratford Trust Co. and Telephone Co. erected.  
1916 Packard Hall opened for use. Episcopal Parish House built.  Nichols Ave. and Garden Schools. built.  Stratford chapter of Red Cross organized.
1917 The Rev. Robert C. Whitehead pastor of First Congregational Church. United States entered European War. Honeyspot SchooI built.
1918 Armistice signed.
1919 Agitation over Port of Bridgeport proposition. Lovell building erected. Red Cross nursing service organized.
1920 Trunk sewer and disposal plant completed. American Legion organized.
1921 Present Washington Bridge, the fifth, opened.  Council-Manager form of town government adopted.  Center Scbool rebuilt, having been badly damaged by fire.
1922 Sterling Memorial Hall built. Stratford Baptist Church organized.
1923 Holy Name of Jesus R.C. Church organized.
1924 Post Office building destroyed by fire.
1925 Stratford Historical Society incorporated.
1927 The Rev. F. Stanley SeIlick pastor of First Congregational Church.  Visit of former Lord Mayor of Stratford upon-Avon.
1928 Airport officially opened.  Present Masonic Temple completed.  Wilcoxson School built and Putney School reopened.
1929 Stonybrook School opened. St. Nicholas Russian Church established.
1930 Birdseye School opened. War Memorial placed on West Broad Street Green.
1931 American Legion Drum Corps organized. Columbia University presented gate for Episcopal grounds in memory of the Johnsons.
1932 Sterling House given to Stratford by Miss Cordelia Sterling.
1933 James Mollison and Amy Johnson, English fliers, made non-stop flight from Perdine, Wales to Stratford, Conn.
1935 Ground broken for present town hall.
1936 Trolleys replaced by buses.  Cornerstone of new town hall set in place.
1937 St. James Church Parish Hall completed.  Lordship School opened.

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Events from 1637 to 1939 are from the Rev. Stanley Sellick’s records on file at the First Congregational Church.  Much of the information was compiled by M. Hale and published for the 300th anniversary. Town Historian Louis Knapp has provided the Bard with an update from 1939 to 1989. These historical facts were put together by Bard Editor Dorothy Euerle. (All the foregoing was taken from The Stratford Bard 350th Founder's Day Parade Issue.  The Stratford Bard 350th Founder's Day Parade Issue was generously shared with us by the Stratford Historical Society).