Longbrook Park

During the 1920s and 1930s, Longbrook Park was transformed from a swamp into a 34-acre park. The park was built under the W.P.A. program with Depression-era, unemployed labor. The transformation of the swamp into a park began under then town manager Donald S. Sammis. In 1912, the U.S. Army performed the first Army Air exercises at the site of what is now Longbrook Park.

The park is a haven for wildlife. Visitors both wild and human much enjoy the winding trails and man-made waterfalls. Rock for the stone walls and bridges in the park was quarried from nearby Roosevelt Forest.

"Longbrook Park: A Town Asset
In the northern part of Stratford, surrounded by picturesque landscaping, rests Longbrook Park. The ground was donated by Mr. Elliot Peck, a leading town citizen at that time. In 1935, Stonemason Tony Santoro and crew had just completed the fieldhouse from stone quarried at Roosevelt Forest, which also supplied material for a pool, walks and walls. The local high school and various athletic organizations make use of the playing fields. It is a place for all Stratford people to enjoy. Longbrook Park is a credit to our Town".
From the January 2002 Stratford Historical Society Newsletter

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