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Emergency Preparedness

The Stratford Health Department has engaged in emergency preparedness and response planning efforts for over 10 years. Initial public health emergency preparedness planning and training focused on the potential threat of a smallpox release and the need to vaccinate a large number of the population within a short time-frame. Since then, preparedness has evolved into all-hazards planning. This includes preparing for the threat of bio-terrorism (such as smallpox and anthrax) as well as naturally occurring threats such as the potential for an influenza pandemic or natural disaster.


Emergency preparedness is a collaborative effort on both the local and state level. Locally, we work closely with the Stratford Police, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Department, and our Emergency Management Director. On a state level, our primary partner is the Connecticut Department of Public Health. Regionally, Stratford is an active participant in the Connecticut Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security Region 1 ESF-8 Committee. "ESF-8" refers to the National Response Plan's Emergency Support Function #8, which is Health and Medical. This region comprises essentially the towns of Fairfield County. We work as a region to develop regional plans and coordinate both among other health departments, hospitals, EMS agencies, and community health centers.

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Emergency Preparedness

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