Human Services at Baldwin Center

Our Human Services Team assists Stratford residents of all ages locate resources for a variety of needs including home care and respite care, caregiver support, mental health, housing, food, recreation, assistive technology, and technological devices.

Senior Connection
Growing older is a natural part of life’s journey. As with all life stages, we need stimulation, activity, social connections, fun and laughter to thrive. At times, we may also need a helping hand to navigate through this life stage. Senior Connection reaches out to Stratford’s vibrant senior community with social recreational opportunities and practical information.

Our Senior Connection Coordinator is here to engage Stratford Seniors in a variety of recreational programs and activities, provide helpful guidance, and link seniors to resources and/or consultation to identify available and appropriate services to meet your needs.

The Senior Connection Program is provided at no cost for Stratford residents age 60+ years. Donations are accepted, confidential and only used to expand The Senior Connection Program. No person will be denied services if s/he chooses not to, or is unable to make a donation. Donations may be payable by check to Stratford Senior Services and receipts are available.

Anyone who is dissatisfied with or denied Senior Connection Services has the right to file a grievance. The grievance procedure is as follows:
  • The client can express dissatisfaction directly to the Senior Connection Coordinator, at which time a meeting with the Community and Senior Services Director will be scheduled.
  • The scheduled meeting with the Community and Senior Services Director, and the client, will be held to discuss the specifics of the situation, and attempt to address/resolve the grievance.
  • If the matter cannot be resolved to the client’s satisfaction, the client may call the Office of the Mayor, or submit the grievance in writing to the Mayor, and request that the decision be reviewed.
  • If the client remains dissatisfied with the Mayor’s decision, the client may submit a written grievance to, or call, the Southwestern CT Area Agency on Aging who will proceed accordingly for final disposition of the matter.
Contact Information for Grievance Process

Tamara Trojanowski, Director of Community and Senior Services
1000 West Broad Street
Stratford, CT 06615

Mayor Laura R. Hoydick
2725 Main Street
Stratford, CT 06615

Southwestern CT Agency on Aging
1000 Lafayette Boulevard, 9th Floor
Bridgeport, CT 06604
Senior Connection is funded in part by the federal Older Americans Act through the Southwestern CT Agency on Aging –

Digital Dreams

The Digital Dreams Project collects idle, unused, and functional devices from residents to be refurbished. Once refurbished, they are then redistributed to Stratford residents needing such devices, to help conquer the digital divide and maintain connections. We understand that some older adults shy away from using technology for one reason or another. Don’t let this stop you! Contact Stratford Senior Services at (203) 385-4050 or email for more information.