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The Stratford Juvenile Review Board ("JRB") is a community-based diversion process that is an alternative response to a crime or wrongdoings perpetrated by youth and serves as an opportunity to reduce youth involvement with the juvenile justice system.

Juvenile Court, Police or School may refer eligible youth to the JRB for a community-based or school-based arrest (non-felony delinquent offense) and/or a Family With Service Needs ("FWSN"- status offense) such as truancy, indecent or immoral conduct and defiance of school rules. 

The Stratford JRB collaborates with the youth and their families to design a reparative action plan that emphasizes accountability, responsibility and repairing the harm done to people and relationships. The JRB plan consists of a combination of formal and informal responses to address the referral matter, as well as, identifying the needs of youth and their families to recommend services and supports to increase skills for future success. Finally, the Stratford JRB assists the youth and family to strengthen competencies and knowledge of resources in education and for prevention to reinforce the building blocks of youth development.


Case Eligibility Requirements

The Stratford JRB accepts referrals from Juvenile Court, Police or School for delinquency or status offenses committed in the Town of Stratford or any municipality by an un-emancipated person who is at least 7 years old and under the age of 18 who resides in Stratford.

  • Youth must be a current Stratford resident
  • Ages 7-17
  • Youth admits responsibility
  • Youth not currently on probation or administrative supervision
  • Parent/Legal Guardian agree to JRB participation and involvement 
  • Youth case* is:
    • Non-felony community-based arrest
    • Non-felony school-based arrest
    • Family With Service Needs (FWSN) including truancy, defiance of school rules, indecent or immoral conduct
*Referral cases are subject to review by JRB Case Manager.


Our Process

JRB Process (English PDF Download)
Proceso del JRB (Español Descargar PDF)


Referral Forms

Referral Form (for School Administrators)
Referral Form (for Police & Juvenile Court Officers)


Questions Contact:

Stratford JRB Administrator

Paige Morrisroe, M.A., MFT 

[email protected]

Contact Us


Birdseye Municipal Complex

468 Birdseye Street, First Floor
Stratford, Connecticut 06615

Phone: (203) 385-4095 Phone: (203) 385-4095
Fax: (203) 381-2064 Fax: (203) 381-2064
Email: [email protected]


Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm

Evening hours are available by appointment.

Special Assistance

Any individual with a disability who needs special assistance to participate in agency programs should contact Stratford Community Services at 385-4095 or the ADA Coordinator at 385-4022 (TDD).

Staff Listing

Evelyn Castillo, B.A., Social Service Case Manager
Kendra Epps, B.S., Drug Free Communities Project Coordinator
Brisa Figueroa, Evening Receptionist
Marge Mariconda, Secretary
Melissa Martinez, LPC, Youth & Family Counselor
Paige Morrisroe, LMFT,Clinical Coordinator
Zane St. Juste, B.A., After-School Program Facilitator
Tamara Trojanowski, M.H.S.A., CPS, Administrator


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