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Stratford Library Association Board


3-year term, appointed by Council


Member Name Title Address Term Expires
Sheri Szymanski Director
Victoria Florek Dec. 31, 2021
Janice Cupee   Dec. 31, 2021
(Frederick Streets) Resigned   Dec. 31, 2020
Carrie Monachelli   Dec. 31, 2020
Michael J. Aloi Dec. 31, 2020
Donald Putrimus   Dec. 31, 2020
Tony Smith   Dec. 31, 2020 
Susan P. Johnson   Dec. 31, 2022
Beth Daponte Dec. 31, 2022
Gladys Ramos   Dec. 31, 2019
Sean Haubert   Dec. 31, 2022

Library Association Officers
Member Name Address Title
Michael J. Aloi President
Gladys A. Ramos 72 Mohawk St. Vice-president
Deborah M. Perman 460 Prayer Spring Rd Secretary
Sheri Szymanski (Director)   Ass't Secretary
Joel F. Pleban 315 Nassau Rd. Treasurer
VACANT   Ass't Treasurer

Library Assoc. Life Members
Member Name Address Term Expires
Margaret A. Bachtel 55 Burbank Dr.  
Maria Ferrera 4205 Main St.
Shelley S. Hall 35 Coach House Rd
(Thomas Hall - Resigned)
(Judith Marin Hampel - Resigned)  
Doreen Jaekle 400 Brinsmayd Rd.
Joseph Janucik 1469 Nichols Ave.
Deborah M. Perman    
Joel F. Pleban 315 Nassau Rd.
Robyn Proto 2090 Cutspring Rd
Margaret M. Sheahan 481 Housatonic Ave.  
Robert L. Smith 179 Wooster Ave.  


law books

Civil Engagement

Application for Mayoral Appointment
Application for Town Council Appointment

Town Council, Council Clerk
Office: (203) 385-4035 Office: (203) 385-4035
Email: [email protected]

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