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Longbrook Park Commission

3-Year Term Appointment

7 Members, 3 of which from Town Council.



Purpose and Objectives

To develop a comprehensive plan for the use, preservation, development, and maintenance of Longbrook Park, subject to the approval of the Town Council, and to recommend to the Town Council such rules and regulations as, in the Commission’s judgment, are necessary and appropriate for the use of the park.



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Mayoral Appointees Term Commenced Term Expires
Three members from Town Council (concurrent with Council)
Kaitlyn Shake (D) 2nd District - Chair
December 11, 2023
Jean Marie Sutton (R) 7th District - Vice-chair   December 11, 2023
Laura Dancho (R)    December 11, 2023

Four members of the electorate (3 year term)
Sarah Graham
November 6, 2024
Roger Salls
November 6, 2024
James McGuire
November 6, 2023
Martha Bodington
November 6, 2023
Secretary:   Carol Cabral


law books

Civil Engagement

Application for Mayoral Appointment
Application for Town Council Appointment

Town Council, Council Clerk
Office: (203) 385-4035 Office: (203) 385-4035
Email: [email protected]

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