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History & Organization

The prime mission of the Stratford Police Department is the preservation of public peace and order, the prevention and detection of crime, the apprehension of offenders, the protection of persons and property, and the enforcement of the laws of the State and the local ordinances of the Town. To achieve this goal the department strives to gain and retain the confidence and respect of the public in such a way as to insure the welfare and betterment of the citizens of Stratford.


In 1917, the Town of Stratford made its local constabulary into a sworn official Police Department with 10 officers and one patrol vehicle. It is hard to imagine that at that time, there were no two-way radios and patrol vehicles didn’t even have heaters. Until it moved to the basement of the Town Hall, Police Headquarters was located in a building located in Stratford Center. In 1959, the total force of 63 Officers finally got their own building, which was located next to Fire Headquarters. The building was sufficient for the needs of the department until 1970, when the department moved to its current location due to increased staffing and lack of space. 

The Stratford Police Department has always been an innovative leader within the police community. The Department was the first in Connecticut to utilize station wagon-style patrol vehicles for emergency medical transport. In 1987, it was also the first police department in the State to install mobile data terminals in patrol vehicles. Recently, officers from the department produced a community service television program call “Roll Call”. This program was so successful that it won numerous awards from Public Service Television. 


Since its beginnings, the department has grown to a force of 112 sworn officers with many specialized units. This specialization broadens the assistance that can be given to the community, allowing the department to better protect and serve its residents.

The Stratford Police Department consists of 112 sworn officers broken down into the following rank structure. Chief –1, Deputy Chief – 1, Captains – 4, Lieutenants – 9, Sergeants – 11, Corporals – 2, Detectives – 16, Patrol Officers – 71 and Clerical Staff – 4.