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Highway Division

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The main function of this division is to maintain the public highway system owned by the Town of Stratford that includes approximately 200 road miles from Lordship to Warner Hill Road. Included and maintained within the right-of-ways of this street system, besides the pavement itself, are: storm drain facilities (including 10 major drainage inlets/outlets), sanitary sewers, pavement markings, street and stop signs, curbing, sidewalks and guardrails.

This Division also assists other town entities (such as the Board of Education) for pavement and crosswalk painting and trash collection (leaf pickup in the fall and bulk item collection typically from May through September).

Most notably, this division is responsible for removing snow and ice from the roadway during winter months.


Plowing Policy  Bulk Waste

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Public Works
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Hours: M- F: 7:00AM - 3:00PM


Phone: (203) 385-4080

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Raynae Serra

Director of Public Works

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