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Roosevelt Forest Commission

3-Year Term Appointment

9 Members, 1 of which from the Town Council, & 2 Alternates Appointed by Mayor – Per Charter §1.5


Purpose and Objectives

The Roosevelt Forest Commission shall determine the boundaries and develop rules and regulations for both public and private use of Roosevelt Forest, subject to the approval of the Town Council. The Commission shall also adopt, update, revise and implement a plan for the use of Roosevelt Forest. No work or improvements may be made or performed on any town-owned structures, buildings or land located within Roosevelt Forest, other than routine maintenance and minor improvements, without the recommendation of the Roosevelt Forest Commission and the appropriate Council Committees, and the approval of the Town Council.


Helpful Information

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Council Members District Term Expires
Bill O'Brien (R) District 9 December 11, 2023

Regular Members   Term Expires
Robert David , Chairman   March 12, 2018
Peter J. Mariconda , Vice-chair   March 12, 2018
Charles Emerson   March 12, 2018
Bob Ford   March 12, 2020
Alan Llewelyn   March 12, 2018
Frank Bevacqua   March 12, 2021
Ellen Scerba-Carey   March 12, 2018

Alternate members   Term Expires
Dan Ruskin  March 12, 2023
 Peggy Nightingale    March 12, 2024

Other Roles Member Name
Town Conservation Officer Kelly Kerrigan
Secretary Aileen Marsh  


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Civil Engagement

Application for Mayoral Appointment
Application for Town Council Appointment

Town Council, Council Clerk
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Email: [email protected]

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