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Shellfish Commission

4-Year Term Appointment

5 Members & 2 Alternates Appointed by Mayor – Per C.G.S. §26-27a & Charter §1.2; 1.5


Purpose and Objectives

To protect the natural growth of shellfish in waters under the jurisdiction of the Town and to institute such regulations that are necessary to preserve and improve existing natural areas and reclaim those areas that have been destroyed. The Commission shall act as a liaison between the state and federal agencies in this common interest and shall disseminate information to the public on the need for preservation and protection of these natural resources.


Regular Members
Term Expires
Timothy Barber, Chair (U) 
Joseph P. Kowalsky III   04/05/2024
Samuel Fernandes   04/05/2024
Carl Selvaggi   04/05/2024
Brian Yarmosh   04/05/2025

Alternate Members (2-Year Term)   Term Expires
David F. Henriques


law books

Civil Engagement

Application for Mayoral Appointment
Application for Town Council Appointment

Town Council, Council Clerk
Office: (203) 385-4035 Office: (203) 385-4035
Email: [email protected]

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