is SRRP’s alternate pre-payment option for vehicles parked in our daily parking spaces. 

Only Visa and MasterCard may be used to pay for parking in SRRP’s daily parking spaces using Parkmobile’s mobile app.  $5 fines are issued on vehicles occupying an unpaid daily parking space.  It is best to pay immediately after parking.  There is a 10 minute grace period for payment once the $5.32 ticket is issued on a space, based on the time on the ticket.  Be sure to pay for correct space.

  • The pay stations are marked with stickers providing the website to download the app and a toll free phone number.
  • App users can register up to 5 vehicles and 5 users, and use the app to pay by space for parking in SRRP’s 80 regular daily parking spaces and 13 handicap daily parking spaces. 
  • Stratford Parking Enforcement (SPE) will use hand-held electronic devices to determine if the app has been used to pay by the space for parking in daily parking.
  • Enter the zone number correctly (2785) to ensure your space to be identified as paid.
    • It is on the green Parkmobile signage located in SRRP and on each pay station. Use it to ensure your payment by space is accurately recorded for SRRP’s daily parking spaces.
    • Park first in any empty daily parking space and then pay for your parking space in the app or at a pay station before leaving your vehicle.
  • There is no cost to register with Parkmobile or to download the app. . In addition to the current $5.32 daily parking fee, a $0.35 transaction fee is currently charged each time you purchase parking, making a total payment of $5.67.  

The Parkmobile toll free number to reach their automated system is 877-727-5832.

Register online at .

Download the app through your device’s app store or at, and then register through the app.