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Stratford Housing Partnership


A permanent member of this partnership, each individual who occupies this position shall be an appointed member of the partnership for the duration of his term of office. Appointments made by Council Chair with advice of Council - §5-63 of Town Code, ESTABLISHED 2/22/90


Member Name Title/Responsability Address Term Length Term Expires
Beth Daponte Council Chairman Five (5) Years 2/22/2020
James Vigliotti Rep. of Planning Commission Four (4) Years 2/22/2018
Scott Farrington-Posner Rep. of the Zoning Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals Four (4) Year 2/22/2019
The Town Planner Continous Permanent Member
Kevin Nelson Executive Director of the Housing Authority 295 Everett St. Continous Permanent Member
Chris Bandecchi Director of Community Development Agency Continous Permanent Member
David Fuller (D) Local Business Community Member 48 Sunnybank Ave. Three (3) Year 2/22/2013
Katherine M. O'Connor (R) Local Business Community Member 26 Cove Pl. Three (3) Year 2/22/2007
Walter N. Harris (D) Local Business Community Member 1291 South Ave. Three (3) Year 2/22/2004
Kent Miller Members at Large 40 California St. - Unit C4 Four (4) Year 2/22/2018
Peter Wood Members at Large 879 Wilcoxson Ave. Four (4) Year 2/22/2018
David Salik Members at Large 1620 Elm St. Four (4) Year 2/22/2018
Tymantha "Ty" Sims (D) Members at Large 7 Eleanor St. Four (4) Year 2/22/2012


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