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Town Historian

The Town Historian shall:

  1. Act to promote an awareness of and an appreciation for the Town's history, through research, writing and public speaking; through publications, projects, exhibits, displays, celebrations and commemorations; through the establishment and maintenance of plaques, markers and monuments; and through the preparation of classroom aids, guides, workshops and training.
  2. Advise the Mayor and Town Council in regards to historical issues and subjects, including historical objects, historical structures and sites, historic districts, National Register properties and historic preservation.
  3. Serve as a liaison among the Town's museums, libraries and historical associations, and with similar outside groups, to encourage historical coordination, cooperation and resource sharing; maintain a reference library of historical information; and serve as a central referral point for inquires for information.

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2725 Main Street

Stratford, Connecticut 06615.

Phone: (203) 381-2052

Email: Townhistorian

Office Hours: By appointment