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Veterans' Monument Preservation Commission

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Representative from Public Works (Selected by Mayor)
Name Address Term Expires


Representative from Historic District
Name Address Term Expires
Charles Devan 778 Judson Pl. May 2020


Veterans from Stratford
Name Address Term Expires
Robert Mastroni (R) - Chairman 1432 Main St. May 2020
Richard Kennedy 1165 Stratford Rd. May 2020
Roy Friedman  299 Bishop Ave.  May 2020


Representatives at Large
Name Address Term Expires
Paul Joy 735 Broad St. Oct. 2020
Edward M. Roberts (D) 10 Elizabeth St.  May 2020
Matthew Catalano (R) 3483 Main Street May 2020
George Vagasky (U) 435 Knowlton St.  May 2020
Ralph Colangelo  52 Vermont Ave.  May 2020
James J. Connor (R) 71 River Bend Road, Un. B May 2020
Robert Newall (D) 4800 Main St.  May 2020
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Civil Engagement

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