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Stratford Town Code §210-3. 5-year term, appointed by Council.
Edward Scinto (R) - Chairman
May 31, 2024
Bill Rock (U) - Vice-chairman   May 31, 2023
Patrick L. Gribbon (R) - Finance Officer   May 31, 2020
VACANT - Clerk    
David Schrader   May 31, 2024
Thomas Galvin Cotter, Esq.   May 31, 2024
Jonathan Ackley   May 31, 2023
Brian Yarmosh   May 31, 2027
Reese B. Mitchell   May 31, 2027
Thomas Gloersen
May 31, 2021
Frank Lecardo   May 31, 2021
Scott Corner   May 31, 2020
Alternate Members - 2-year term
Henry Halverson   May 31, 2021
Anthony Swanson   May 31, 2021
Housatonic Estuary Commission, Regional
Stratford Rep: Edward Scinto    
Ross Hatfield - Harbormaster  100 Edgemont Rd., Milford  Appt'd by Governor
Thomas Fahy - Deputy Harbormaster 20 Mac’s Harbor Court Appt'd by Governor
Geoffrey Steadman - Consultant 345 North Main St, Westport 06880  


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