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Zoning Commission


Elected to a 4-year term of office
Regular Members Address Term Expires
I.   Mary Young (D) 429 Riverdale Dr. Jan. 1, 2022
II.  Lorenzo Elder (D) 226 Garibaldi Ave Jan. 1, 2022
III. Annette R. Streets (D) 602 Nichols Ave. Jan. 1, 2022
IV.  Gavin Forrester III (R) 103 Orchard St Jan. 1, 2024
V.   Len Petruccelli (R) 105 Euclid St Jan. 1, 2024

3-Year Term of Office - Appointed by Council
Alternate Members Address Term Expires
Judy Cleri   Jan. 1, 2022
David P. D'Ausilio   Jan. 1, 2021
Ron Tichy   Jan. 1, 2023
Gail DeCilio - Recording Secretary


law books

Civil Engagement

Application for Mayoral Appointment
Application for Town Council Appointment

Town Council, Council Clerk
Office: (203) 385-4035 Office: (203) 385-4035
Email: [email protected]

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