Fair Rent Commission

4-Year Term
7 Members


The Commission may make studies and investigations, conduct hearings and receive complaints relative to rental charges on housing accommodations, except those accommodations rented on a seasonal basis, within the Town of Stratford in order to control and eliminate excessive rental charges on such accommodations and to early out the provisions of C.G. S. §§ 7- 148b to 7- 148f, inclusive, C.G. S. § 47a-20 and Subsection (b) of C. G.S. § 47a -23c. The Commission, for such purposes, may compel the attendance of persons at hearings, issue subpoenas and administer oaths, issue orders and continue, review, amend, terminate or suspend any of its orders and decisions. The Town Attorney may from time to time as the need arises designate legal counsel to advise the Commission.

Contact Information

Phone: (203) 385-4090

Email: fairrentcommission@townofstratford.com

Regular Members

Term Expires

Kurt Ahlberg, Chairman

November 14, 2027

Brandy Hall 

November 14, 2026

Desmond Nzdi 

November 14, 2026

Colleen Hargrove

November 14, 2025

Lisa Knopf 

November 14, 2025

Ivy Royster

November 14, 2024

Carine Monteiro

November 14, 2024