Plan Stratford was officially adopted by the Planning Commission (September 19, 2023) and Town Council (October 10, 2023) and became effective on December 1, 2023.

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What is a Plan of Conservation & Development? 

A Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD or the Plan) is the Town’s guide for managing growth and conserving resources. The Town’s Planning Commission is responsible for updating the Plan every ten years as mandated by the State. The Plan addresses multiple issues related to stewardship of the Town and provides a foundation for Town policy, capital investment, and its zoning regulations. Stratford last undertook this process ten years ago culminating in the 2013 POCD.  This effort will provide an updated Plan that will address important issues related to Stratford’s growth and will provide a vision for its future.

Scroll down to view the plan elements and project timeline.

Plan Elements

  • Demographic Trends– view infographic.

  • Housing

  • Land Use & Zoning

  • Conservation, Open Space & Recreation

  • Economic Development

  • Cultural & Historic Resources

  • Mobility

  • Community Facilities, Infrastructure & Utilities

  • Energy & Environment

  • Resiliency & Waterfront Redevelopment

  • Placemaking & Urban Design

Project Timeline

  • May 2020
    Initial kick-off meeting, data gathering, and project website creation

  • June-July 2022
    Popup events and online survey creation/dissemination; promotional video release, existing conditions data gathering

  • August 2022
    Preparation for workshops, existing conditions data gathering

  • September 2022
    Public workshops (Up to three to be held at various locations)

  • October-December 2022
    Meetings with key stakeholders on various planning topics and boards/commissions

  • January-April 2023
    Plan development

  • March-May 2023
    Review of draft chapters; second promotional video

  • June 2023
    Submission to Town Council, following which 65-day statutory review period begins, which includes public hearings at Planning Commission and Town Council